Ford Trade Club - Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Ford Trade Club (FTC) is a program developed by Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited (Ford) to make available competitive pricing on FTC Promoted Parts to FTC Members through Ford’s authorised dealer network.
2. All Prices published by Ford are recommended prices only and Ford dealers are not compelled to sell Promoted Parts to FTC Members at those recommended FTC Prices. The sale price on any FTC Promoted Part is at the discretion of the Dealer.
3. FTC Prices are only available at those Ford Dealers who choose to be participating FTC Dealers.
4. FTC Prices are only available on those parts which are designated by Ford as FTC Promoted Parts from time to time. Ford reserves the right to change the recommended FTC Price of any FTC Promoted Part at any time and remove any part from the FTC program at any time.
5. FTC Members should consult with an authorised Ford Dealer for the latest pricing and availability information on any part they wish to purchase under the FTC program before deciding to place an order.
6. No person or entity has any claim against Ford as a result of any alteration to the recommended Trade Club Price of any FTC Promoted Part or the removal of any part from the FTC program.
7. Ford reserves the right to suspend or cease the FTC program at any time.
8. Participating FTC Dealers are resellers of parts supplied by Ford and do not act as Ford’s agents and do not have any authority to bind Ford or make any representations on Ford’s behalf.
9. Sales of FTC Promoted Parts to FTC Members will be upon the usual terms of the Participating FTC Dealer that you choose to purchase FTC Promoted Parts from.
10. On applying for registration, and from time to time, Ford will collect personal information from FTC Member representatives in order to operate and market the FTC and market FTC Promoted Parts. Ford may disclose the personal information of the FTC Member representatives to its dealers, to its related companies and to third parties who provide Ford with (or help Ford provide) products or services, including overseas locations such as the UK. Ford’s privacy policy (available at states how you can seek to access or correct any personal information Ford holds about you, how to complain about a privacy breach by Ford and how Ford will deal with a privacy complaint. For any privacy related questions or issues, please contact Ford at 13 Ford (13 36730), at or via the Contact us page at
11. FTC Members must quote their membership number when placing an order to obtain FTC prices.
12. Participating FTC Members authorise their FTC Dealer to share their transactional data with Ford and any of its contracted service providers for the purpose of meeting the operational and reporting requirements of this program.

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